Amlogic S905X2 vs S905X vs S905D, is S905X2 TV box worth buying?

  Amlogic S905X2 vs Amlogic S905X, what is new? Many people know that Amlogic S905X is the most successful CPU in the OTT TV box market. Amlogic S905X2 is actually an updated version of Amlogic S905X.         Amlogic S905X2 has a NEW thing compared with S905X: it support for USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.1 (in theory capable of supporting up to 10K resolutions), although HDMI 2.1 is not a practical point at this moment.   To be simple, Amlogic S905X2 has USB 3.0 while Amlogic S905X has USB 2.0 only.   S905D is a variant of the S905X2 (they come with the same hardware configuration), but it has native support for TDT, satellite and Cable tuners. With the new process at 14nm this type of TV Box will have a more controlled temperature, something that is appreciated since they tend to be products that get very hot.   In short, both Amlogic S905X2 and S905D have support for USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.1.   Amlogic S905X2 Main Specifications: * USB3.0/PCIE2.0 (PCIE or USB3.0 with multiplexed IO) * Enhanced 8-ch I2S interface * HDMI 2.1: 4Kx2K@75 * Support multi-video decoder up to 4Kx2K@60fps+1x1080P@60fps (Better video decoder than S905X/S912) * H.265/H.264 video encoding up to 1080P@60fps with low latency * Build-in Cortex-M4 core for always on processing * Build-in Cortex-M3 core for system control processing(S905X/S912 also feature with this) * Support LPDDR4@3200 * Amlogic S905X2 build-in 100M PHY and 1000M MAC    

Android 7.1 TV Box is coming out

Now android 6.0 TV Box is still mainstream models on the market, although Google already released Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 OS about half an year. In order to provide newest and best android TV box for our customer, our engineers keep developing and testing in past few weeks in factory. Finally, we have developed stable android 7.1 TV box, see screen shot as below: We think android 7.1 OS device will be more popular than android andorid 6.0 in the near future. If you want know more about the details, feel free to contact us, thanks.

Amlogic Released Octa Core Chipset S912

Amlogic plans to launch at least three new processors for OTT boxes and set-top boxes this year: Amlogic S905X, Amlogic S912, and Amlogic S905D.  We already knew Amlogic S905 specifications, but I’ve recently received a document with some more details about Amlogic S912 revealing Mali-T820 GPU, a lack of USB 3.0 support, but still some interesting features such as HDMI 2.0a, 4K VP9, 10-bit H.265, Gigabit Ethernet Mac, and so on.